Call for Nominations for Elections Officers (EOs)

We are calling on all members in good standing to run as Election Officers. Nominations for TWO Elections Officers will be accepted until January 19th, 2023. 

An EO election, if there are more than 2 nominees, will be held via a secret ballot which will take place in our GMM ( register here) that has been scheduled on January 20th, 2023  and will continue for five days over Simply Voting.

Election Officers (2 vacancies)

The role of the Chief Electoral Officers will be to organise the elections as per the bylaws. Most of the work is around the annual election that occurs between late January and early March, but they are also responsible for any by-elections that may be held during the year. The work includes accepting the nominations, arranging for members to scrutiny, arranging and setting up tables for voting, and alongside the executive, communicating the details of the elections to the membership. While the nature of the work is limited, members interested in this position should expect to commit a significant chunk of time in late February and in early March.

Current members of the executive are ineligible for these positions. Additionally, election officers may not run for executive positions in the election for which they serve. Interested candidates should an email to

Honorarium: $750 per year per position, plus and additional $150 per by-election.