Press Release from Toronto Inter-University Coalition on Safe-Return in Fall 2021

The inter-university coalition made up of the four Toronto-area universities have put out a press release to call for greater details and transparency in the fall 2021 return to campus directives issued by the provincial government and university administrations. At York, the administration is pushing ahead with an ill-prepared fall return despite the union’s objections (see chart), refusing to sign a Letter of Understanding that would keep everyone safe. The consequences of York’s irresponsible approach towards health and safety will be many, including jeopardising the lives of the people who serve and work in this community, most notably, persons with disabilities, the immunocompromised, and racialized people, who have been affected the most. The York community is comprised of nearly 60,000 people, whose lives will be put at risk because of the Administration’s “bottom line.” York must withdraw its hasty plans for a fall reopening, given proper measures have not been adequately considered or put in place.

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