Updates from the May GMM

At the GMM on May 31st, several important discussions were had and motions passed. Please continue reading for highlights of the meeting. Thank you to everyone who came out. 

The membership passed a motion to endorse YU Fossil Free, a student and faculty-led movement calling on York University to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in a just, climate-safe future through transparent, sustainable investment practices. Visit their website here and be sure to sign their petition calling for fossil fuel divestment

Two bylaw amendments were also passed: an amendment to Article 10 – Committees, which will create honoraria positions for members sitting on the Affordable Housing Committee ; and an amendment to create Appendix J – Casual Hiring Process for Councils, Committees, Working Groups, and Caucuses. 

The membership also endorsed a statement in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and passed a motion to endorse the YU Weapons Divestment Campaign and demand that York University immediately cease any/all contracts with arms companies complicit in an apartheid on Indigenous Palestinians, and any company arming the violent settler-colonial project in occupied Palestine.