Interim Chairperson and VP Unit 3 Needed

Our Chairperson, Graeme Reniers, will be resigning effective February 16 to pursue a job opportunity. There is also a vacancy for Vice-President Unit 3.

Because of the potential for a strike in early March, it is impossible to hold a full by-election. Therefore, nominations are now open for a candidate to be pro temmed (temporarily appointed) at the February 21 Executive Committee meeting (as per Article 14 V. (b) of the bylaws).

To nominate yourself, please email Dan O’Hara at by 5pm on February 20.

Statement from Graeme Reniers, Outgoing Chairperson

It is with a heavy heart that I am leaving my position as Chairperson on the Executive of CUPE 3903 to pursue an employment opportunity elsewhere in the labour movement.

I leave this local in full confidence that we are well-positioned to negotiate a fair contract that meets the needs of our members, and to carry out a strike — if necessary — to achieve that contract.

Our bargaining team is passionate, knowledgeable, and committed to our membership, and very encouraging of rank-and-file participation in open bargaining.

At every step of the way in this bargaining round, our Executive has also demonstrated a commitment to 3903’s core principle of member-driven social unionism, and has been ramping up its efforts to prepare for a strike with rank-and-file members through the Strike Committee. Our communications, picket planning (including alternative duties), and strike pay preparation are far and away more developed at this point in the process than in any other round in recent memory – we’re further along in preparation, with almost four weeks to go, than we usually are at the strike deadline itself.

Most importantly, I have the utmost confidence in our rank-and-file members. Our strength is in our membership, and our leaders are prepared to let the membership show it. “Member-driven” is not just a slogan, it’s a powerful practice that CUPE 3903 has shown to be successful in many previous bargaining rounds.