Committee Election Results

Committee positions for the Ways and Means Fund and Professional Development Fund Coordinator were contested at the September 27 General Membership Meeting. The results of those elections are below:

Ways and Means Fund (3 positions):

  • Shila Khayambashi
  • Joanna Pearce
  • Gizem Çakmak

Professional Development Fund Coordinator (1 position):

  • Gizem Çakmak

The following positions were filled by acclamation:

Toronto & York Region Labour Council: Firoza Elavia, Charles Carlo Handy, Josh Lalonde
Labour Management Council (Unit 3): Tai Vo
Accessibility Committee: Sarah Sackville McLauchlan
Research Grant Fund and Travel Cost Fund: Steven Pinter, Firoza Elavia
CUPE Toronto District Council: Charles Carlo Handy
Professional Development Fund (PDF Representative): Nasra Smith, Charles Carlo Handy
Childcare Committee: Nasra Smith, Megan Hillman, Joanna Pearce, Harjot Singh