Unfair Labour Practices Mediation Report

On Tuesday, April 11, mediation was held regarding the Unfair Labour Practices (ULP) complaint filed by CUPE against York University. The mediation was well attended by CUPE 3903, with several rank-and file members, including a member of the Unit 1 bargaining team, present to show York that union-busting is not acceptable. The Chairperson and Communications Officer were in attendance for the executive committee, along with a CUPE National representative and legal counsel. Representatives of the York University Faculty Association (YUFA) were also in attendance.

This first meeting on the ULP was fairly uneventful. Nonetheless, the members in the room took the opportunity to discuss the case and share ideas. The mediation was adjourned pending the preparation of new documents. As the process of mediation is still ongoing, it is unwise to disclose too much in a public setting. Once the next steps in the process are known, they will be shared widely.