Happy Ten Year Anniversary to our Staff, Raj Virk and Sheila Wilmot!

Ten years ago today Raj Virk began working as a Staff Rep for CUPE 3903. In this time he has helped countless members with individual grievances and has guided the local through four bargaining rounds (including the most recent first contract for Unit 4).

Last September 18th also marked Sheila Wilmot’s ten year anniversary with us, as Equity Officer. Sheila has also helped us form bargaining proposals, and has helped countless members with grievances, workplace harassment issues, securing workplace accommodations, and a multitude of other equity issues within our local and with regards to our employer.

Together Sheila and Raj’s service to our membership has proven invaluable, and their insight and contributions become more important every day. Their jobs are by no means easy, and yet their commitment to our local’s membership is never wavering.

Thank you for ten years of great service, Raj and Sheila!