By-Election Results

Polls closed on Wednesday, October 5, at 5pm in the Grievance Officer and VP Unit 3 by-elections. The results are below. Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all who ran for these positions.

The low number of Unit 3 votes (11% turnout) is a symptom of the employer’s attempt to eradicate that unit entirely. We need to fight back to save Unit 3. Be sure to attend the Fellowship Strategy SGMM on October 14.

By-Election Results

Grievance Officer

Total number of ballots: 151
Sarah Hornstein: 100
Brendan Bruce: 49
Spoiled: 2

Vice-President Unit 3

Total number of ballots: 8
Jeffrey Zavala: 6
Graham Reeder: 2
Tracey J. Mann: 0
Spoiled: 0

Total ineligible sequestered ballots: 4