Unit 4 Moves to Mediation

Over the course of late July, August, and now September, we met with the employer on several occasions. Nothing was accomplished.

To clarify, and repeat, the employer did not acknowledge our concerns and priorities regarding Roles and Responsibilities. While there has been ongoing discussion regarding benefits nothing has been officially agreed upon or signed.  The primary roadblock in our negotiations has been the Employers’ position that part-time librarians are casual employees whose professionalism and service to the academic community and library should not be contractually acknowledged.  Offers from the Employer, thus far, have not approached, on any level, equivalent agreements for GAs, TAs, and contract faculty.  Furthermore, it has become apparent that even those Articles which have been signed and agreed upon are now up to ‘interpretation’ at the Employer’s discretion.

Consequently, we have moved to a mediation process.  A mediator will be chosen by agreement between the legal counsels of CUPE 3903 and the Employer.  The terms of the process will be defined over the next few weeks.

All scheduled bargaining meetings have been cancelled.

With mediation, we are hopeful, we will be able to express our concerns and present materials which will lead ultimately to a fair and progressive contract.