CSSP Update from the Employer

The employer has let the union know that the CSSP Guarantee payments, which were supposed to be received by members by the mutually-agreed-upon-but-not-in-the-CA date of our September pay (the 28th), will not be released to members until the October pay cycle (October 25th). Once the payments are received the local would like to know whether members think the amounts they have been paid are correct, so we can go to battle on this front if necessary.

The employer, in the guise of Rob Lawson, claims to have emailed “all eligible contract faculty members” which by their count are 26 Unit 2 members. 23 of those members have responded to Rob Lawson’s email and will be receiving the payment. Three members have been emailed but have not responded and won’t receive the payment unless they do. CUPE 3903’s Chairperson has asked Rob Lawson to re-contact these three members, or to let the local know who they are so that we can contact them.

If you think you should qualify for this program please check your email to see if you are one of the three who has not responded. If you are not and you still think you qualify please email Rob Lawson (rlawson@yorku.ca) and let him know that you’d like your case reviewed. If you’d like to vent your frustration about the lateness of the payment, or anything else at all, please feel free to email Rob.