Reports of Missing Summer Funding Trickling in

We are hearing reports from many members that summer funding is missing. If you are a minimum guarantee student — that is, if you do not hold an external scholarship — you should be paid the balance of your funding package (minimum guarantee minus the TA or GA position you held Sept-April) during the summer months.

Unit 1 members (PhD students) might be offered a 0.5 TA or a GA contract over the summer. If you have not been offered work you should still be paid on the 25th of each month.

Unit 3 members are paid out in one lump sum in mid-June. See pages 23-24 in our Member’s Manual for more information and to understand what to expect.

If you have not been paid or have not been properly paid, please contact me (Stephanie Latella, Chief Steward Unit 1, or Jacqueline Ristola, Chief Steward Unit 3 ( We will be compiling this information to hold the administration to account. In your email, please detail your status (program, year, domestic/international).