Unit 4 Bargaining Update #5

On Wednesday, January 20, and Friday, January 22, the Unit 4 bargaining team met with the employer to continue the bargaining process. We have achieved some movement, most notably by approving a full benefits package which matches that of the three other units.

This is good news, but the most arduous parts of the bargaining are still to come. Defining roles and responsibilities of the members of Unit 4, establishing fair wages, and determining a fair way of calculating seniority are still on the table. These are crucial articles, which will have a deep impact on Unit 4’s working conditions.

The next bargaining meeting will take place Wednesday, February 10, from 1pm to 5pm, in Ross S802. All members are encouraged to attend in support of Unit 4, and to show the employer that we won’t settle for anything short of a fair contract.