How to fix strike pay discrepancies

The CUPE 3903 red-star logo

The CUPE 3903 red-star logo

CUPE 3903 is in the process of addressing the numerous discrepancies that members have identified in their strike pay. We are committed to correcting these discrepancies as quickly as possible.

If you have a discrepancy in your strike pay, please complete the Strike Pay Discrepancy Form (click form to download) and email it to

If you have already emailed the Treasurer about a strike pay discrepancy, please do not send an additional email. Your original email will be processed soon. Sending an additional email will likely delay the correction of your strike pay.

The Treasurer and a team of volunteers will be working all weekend to correct any discrepancies in members’ strike pay. You will be contacted as soon as your cheque is ready. Members may pick up their cheques from strike headquarters or have them mailed to them.

We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience.