CUPE 3903 files grievance with university regarding the resumption of classes

CUPE 3903 has filed a grievance with the University regarding the resumption of classes and its negative effect on the pedagogy of its Unit 2 Members (contract faculty), and the safety of everyone on campus. The text of the grievance can be found below.

A more detailed report on this issue, as well as a Bargaining Update, will appear on this website in the next several hours.

Greg Flemming

Grievance Officer, CUPE 3903


Statement of Grievance: The Union alleges a violation of the Unit 2 Collective Agreement in that the Employer has:

1) Jeopardized the academic integrity of courses taught by bargaining unit members, and the University as a whole;

2) Jeopardized academic freedom and the members’ freedom to design, shape, and deliver course content;

3) Created a workplace environment that makes it impossible to ensure the safety of its employees in the carrying out of their duties;

4) Failed to provide a reasonable accommodation to Unit 2 members who are encountering significant conflicts in marking and grading obligations;

5) Refused to allow members of Unit 2 to determine to what extent email responses are to be provided to students; and

6) Required members to convert courses into a new mode of delivery long after courses have been appointed and commenced.

Agreement Provisions at Issue: Articles 2, 10, 12, 14, 15, and all other relevant articles of the Collective Agreement, and relevant legislation.

Redress Sought: The Union requests that the Employer:

1) Acknowledge the violation of the Collective Agreement in writing and apologize for the physical, psychological, and professional damage that it has caused;

2) Immediately cease and desist the resumption of classes on the Keele and Glendon campuses, as well as online, until the labour dispute with CUPE 3903 Units 1 and 3 has been resolved, thereby ensuring the integrity of all classes offered by York University as well as the safety of all workers and students on campus;

3) Immediately desist from implementing any aspect of any remediation plan passed by Senate Executive that alters or affects CUPE members’ terms and conditions of work until such time as a protocol respecting workload and working conditions has been negotiated with the Union;

4) Confirm, in writing, that this violation will not occur in the future;

5) Provide a significant contribution to the Union’s Strike Hardship Fund, in an amount agreed by the parties;

6) Otherwise make whole the Union and affected members

Grievance Officer: Gregory C. Flemming

cc: Mamdouh Shoukri; Gary Brewer; Rhonda Lenton; Barry Miller;


A copy of the Grievance can be found here:

2015-03-19 Union Grievance