Bargaining update #5

Items in this update: 

  • Bargaining news
  • Upcoming meetings
  • Communications update

Bargaining news

Supported by rank-and-file members, the CUPE 3903 Bargaining Team (BT) met again with the Employer on Friday, October 3 to carry on discussions around a number of the Union’s equity proposals. However, the Employer would not move on issues such as including LGBTQ as an equity category or improving course scheduling protection (Article 12.22) for equity-seeking groups. The Employer also continues to refuse to use data from the Greater Toronto Area (as opposed to national statistics) to measure equity group under-representation in employment at the university – even though, as the BT pointed out, Toronto and its surrounding communities are unique with respect to population diversity compared to other cities in Canada.

We did get confirmation from the Employer, however, that the remaining 20 members who received late contracts and who have still not been paid will receive their wages through an off-schedule direct deposit on October 10. Also, the Employer confirmed that our Collective Agreement funds (such as Ways and Means, Research Grant and Conference Travel, and the Transsexual Fund) will be released in the next week or two.

CUPE 3903’s BT met again with the Employer on Tuesday, October 7 from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. to continue negotiating around our equity and transparency proposals, including adding provisions to the Unit 1 and 3 Collective Agreements around implementing a documented and transparent hiring process for Graduate Assistants and summer Unit 1 Teaching Assistants. Stay tuned for an update on the October 7 bargaining meeting.

In the coming weeks, we hope members will join us at the bargaining table as we try to push the Employer further on matters relating to diversity, equity and transparency within our employment context. In its rhetoric, York proudly claims to be an institution committed to social justice; let’s make that meaningfully reflected the university’s employment practices!

Upcoming meetings

The bargaining meeting with the Employer on Friday, October 10 has been cancelled.

The next bargaining meeting with the Employer will take place on Tuesday, October 14 from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. As soon as the location is confirmed, it will be posted online and shared widely among the members.

All bargaining meetings with the Employer are open to CUPE 3903 members, and details of the meetings are posted regularly on the website. Visit Events for more information.

All Bargaining Team meetings are also open to CUPE 3903 members. Visit Events for more information.

General Membership Meetings (GMMs) are held once a month, and are the highest decision-making bodies of CUPE 3903. All CUPE 3903 members are encouraged to attend and participate in GMMs. The next GMM will take place on Wednesday, October 22 from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in 205 Accolade West Building (ACW)Join and share on Facebook.

The Bargaining Mobilization Committee (BMC) is a space where you can help organize actions, departmental consultations, and other events that engage and mobilize CUPE 3903 members. At this stage in bargaining, BMC meetings take place once a week. Visit Events for more information.

Please contact Sheila Wilmot at or at 416-736-5154 ext. 3 if you require any of the following: ASL interpretation, reimbursement for childcare/caregiver/attendant care, and/or transportation costs for members who are unable to secure Wheel-Trans, or other requests for accommodation.

Communications update

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