Bargaining update #1

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CUPE 3903 is now engaged in bargaining a new Collective Agreement with the Employer. Our current Collective Agreement expires on August 31, 2014, but we will continue to operate under the current Collective Agreement until a new one is negotiated. The Bargaining Team (BT) has so far had one introductory meeting with the Employer – mainly to request information from the Employer.

In addition, there have been two Special General Membership Meetings (SGMMs): one on July 11 and another on July 30. At the July 11 SGMM, members approved the bargaining parameters for the BT and the membership, along with the first round of bargaining proposals. At the July 30 SGMM, members approved another round of bargaining proposals, but more remain to be discussed.

The BT has organized proposals under five separate categories, each including all three units of the local: 1) Wages & Benefits; 2) Tuition & Funding; 3) Job Security & Workload; 4) Equity & Transparency; and 5) Pedagogy.

A special page on the CUPE 3903 website (or a separate website) will soon be set up to provide timely bargaining updates to members. Bargaining updates will also be circulated to members by email.

The details of all upcoming BT meetings will be included in the weekly CUPE 3903 Newsletter.

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