Student Power Working Group Meeting | July 16 2:00PM

Student Power Working Group Meeting | July 16 2:00PM

Hi CUPE 3903 and Student Power members (past and present),

In light of the hike in tuition fees facing incoming international Students this fall, we are organizing a meeting with the York University Graduate Students’ Association to continue our work on a joint campaign to educate the campus community about the fee hikes (what the employer has referred to as a “head tax”).

Please join us in the GSA Lounge (Student Centre, Rm 430) on Monday, July 16th at 2:00pm for a 45-minute meeting about posters and other campaign materials we would like to engage in.

Below is the mandate and decision making structure of this working group, all members and allies are welcome!

Please note that you don’t need to be a member of 3903 to attend!


CUPE 3903 Student Power Working Group: Mandate

Under the banner of “Agitate, Educate, Mobilize”, Student Power works to bring together 3903 members, university students, and political allies for the purpose of the following:

Bridging the divide between workers and students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Promoting workplace justice and accessible education.
Supporting students struggles and demands.
Strengthening 3903’s position vis-à-vis the York University administration.
Developing a culture of active engagement and participatory democracy within 3903 and student groups on campus.

CUPE 3903 Student Power Working Group: Decision-making structure

Decisions will be made through a combination of consensus and voting. If consensus cannot be reached in certain circumstances, a simple majority will determine decisions. Non-3903 members will be allowed and encouraged to participate in decision-making. However, all budgetary decisions will be made by 3903 members only. Recording Sec. and Chair will be chosen informally at every meeting. Quorum will be met when three people attend a meeting. A member of Student Power is considered anybody who actively participates in the working group.