The 2023-24 Bargaining Team

Here is the 2023-24 Bargaining Team for Units 1, 2 and 3. Thank you to every who nominated themselves for the role!

The Bargaining Team (BT) is composed of three members from each unit, as well as a recording secretary and the Grievance Officer (both non-voting positions). The BT then creates and disseminates bargaining surveys, in which members of each unit establish the most important issues they face. From this data, the Bargaining Team formulates concrete bargaining proposals. The Bargaining Team prepares a Proposals Package, and members discuss, edit, and vote on proposals at General Membership Meetings (GMM). In these GMMs, members can bring forward additional proposals, which are also discussed and voted on. CUPE 3903 operates under the model of open bargaining, which means that members are encouraged to attend bargaining meetings where they can observe, pass notes to the Bargaining Team, and participate in Bargaining Team caucuses.

Unit 1 Bargaining Team:

  1. Alex Wilson
  2. Isaac Thornley
  3. Collin Xia

Unit 2 Bargaining Team: 

  1. Zoe Newman
  2. Joseph Tohill
  3. Jeremiah Gaster

Unit 3 Bargaining Team:

  1. Anni Siren
  2. Shyam Patel
  3. Vacant

Recording Secretary

  1. Vacant

We currently still have openings for 2 vacancies on the bargaining team: