Disputes Resolution

Disputes Committee Guidelines

Disputes committee is effective only during the strike to deal with member conduct disputes that occur. Please note that we are bound by CUPE 3903 Strike Policy. We will attempt to resolve disputes in ways that respect our bylaws and CUPE National’s Constitution, as well as uphold the principles found in our equality statement.

Our goal is to keep members accountable for their actions, to each other and the broader CUPE 3903 community, and beyond.

Your personal information will be kept confidential as much as possible. However, during dispute resolution it is possible that incident details may reveal your identity. If you have any concerns please contact us. We will contact you if we believe you may be identified by our actions.

Disputes Process

Fill in the form:

Available as a Word document and a PDF document.

Please fill in the form as best as possible. It would be helpful to suggest what you would feel are acceptable resolutions. Email the form to the following address: cupe3903disputes@gmail.com

After filling in the form:

We will discuss the issue as a committee and determine possible resolutions. You will be invited to attend a future dispute resolutions committee to discuss the issue. If you cannot attend we can connect through other means to discuss the resolution process. Once a decision has been made, we will inform you of how the committee decided to address the issue. We wish to keep you informed throughout this process but you are not required to participate in our discussions or decision making.

Email: cupe3903disputes@gmail.com