Information for Students

Want to learn more about the problems with York’s plan to return to campus and what you can do?

If you are a student and want to learn more about the shortcomings of York’s rushed, one-size-fits-all plan, what steps they should be taking to keep us all safe, and/or you are wondering what you can do to pressure the administration to take your concerns seriously, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn More About the Issues

CUPE 3903’s plan:

Read more about the problems with York’s plan to return to classes and CUPE 3903’s plan to keep faculty, students, and staff safe here.

York Federation of Students (YFS) list of demands:

The YFS has put a series of demands forward which call on the administration to recognize the significant impacts caused by an abrupt and unsafe return to our campuses. Learn more about them here.

What You Can Do

(1) Fill out the YFS student feedback tool:

If you would like an opportunity to share particular concerns surrounding health, safety, and accommodations with the upcoming in-person learning, fill out the YFS’ student feedback tool.

(2) Sign the student-led petition:

This student-led petition demanding that the York administration give students the option to stay online has gathered over 15,000 signatures. Check it out and add your name.

(3) Share your concerns with senior administrators:

Share your concern over the abrupt and unsafe return to in-person learning by sending an email to President Rhonda Lenton, Provost and Vice-President Academic Lisa Philipps, Vice-Provost Students Lucy Fromowitz.

The YFS has prepared an accessible form which directly emails these administrators your support for the demands laid out by YFS.

(4) Contact departmental chairs:

Instructors may be feeling pressured to deliver courses in person for fear of getting in trouble. York senior administrators are also claiming that they are simply following students’ wishes for a rushed return to campus. Let your concerns be heard!

To find the contact information of the Chair of your particular department do the following:

  1. Go to the York Atlas – Phone and E-mail Directory.
  2. Search the name of your department e.g. “Anthropology”
  3. Follow the links to find the Chair’s contact information
  4. CC: Lisa Philips, Provost at in your communications

(5) Get your professor and/or your TA to survey students:

York senior administrators are claiming that they are simply following students’ wishes for an immediate and full return to in-person classes. By asking your professor to survey the class, we can best gauge what students really want and need to feel safe and supported.

Ask your professor and/or TA to use this survey template, or one similar, to gauge students’ preferences. Ask them to forward the results to

(6) Tweet, tweet, tweet:

Another way you put pressure on the administration is to tweet your concerns at @yorkuniversity and at the @YorkUpresident. Use the hashtags #YorkU #UnsafeReturn when possible.

If you support CUPE 3903’s and YFS’ plan and want to show your support, follow and RT us @cupe3903comms and @YFSlocal68