CUPE 3903 Forums

The CUPE 3903 forums were established in late 2018 as the primary site of member discussions for units, committees, working groups and caucuses within the local.   There are general discussion groups as well as specific groups and private forums for the various Committees, Working Groups, and Caucuses in the Local.

To register for the CUPE 3903 forums go here and follow the instructions within. Please continue to read below for important information and see a list of important links at the bottom of the page.

For the forums to remain member only, members must sign up using their own name as it appears on the membership list (Firstname [space] Lastname). By default, aliases and deviations from this format will be rejected and deleted. All registrations are checked against membership lists to ensure only members in good standing and current political members can register.

Administrators are mindful that names are not static and not everyone’s name in the membership list reflects their current realities. Contact the Communications Officer or any other exec member privately if your name on the membership list does not reflect your actual name and we will sort out your profile approval for you as necessary.

All forums are only visible to designated members, upon enrolment members will have access to general forums and the appropriate unit specific forums. Members who join Committees, Working Groups, or Caucuses must request access to that group’s forums from that group’s designated moderator(s) or an administrator.

On signing up for the forums, members must read the rules and posting guidelines. Posting guidelines and standards will be strictly enforced. Posts which violate the CUPE National Constitution, the CUPE 3903 by-laws or the Equality Statement will be locked and reviewed for further action. Please govern yourself accordingly.

Instructions on forum use can be found here or under the help tab in the forums.

Some Important Links: