York’s Letter to JDL Canada, Nov. 20th, 2019

Sent to The Jewish Defence League of Canada on November 20, 2019 from the Office of the General Counsel, York University.

Attention: Meir Weinstein

Dear Mr. Weinstein:

RE: JDL Demonstration

It has come to the University’s attention that the JDL is intending to attend our campus and is encouraging others to attend an event scheduled in Vari Hall on Keele campus at 7:00 p.m. today with a stated intent of ensuring it can take place without interruption. Please be assured that the University has a significant interest in ensuring the peacefulness and safety of the event and has proactively worked with the recognized student organization holding the event to have plans in place to ensure that the event takes place peacefully and without interruption.

That said, please be advised that York University’s campuses are private property and members of the public, including alumni, are welcome on the York campus by invitation of faculty, staff or students only if they comply with all of York’s rules including the direction of York Security and/or Toronto Police Services regarding appropriate conduct. The University does not give permission for individuals to enter our campus lands for the purpose of participating in protests or demonstrations or any other inappropriate conduct, which includes encouraging or enabling York students or others to engage in such conduct on campus. This includes such behaviour as threats and intimidation, even if the purpose is to enable a University sanctioned event to continue.

By this letter, the University gives you formal notice that if JDL members attend on campus and engage in such inappropriate behaviour, York Security Services and/or Toronto Police Services will ask the offending person(s) to leave campus under the authority of University rules and the Trespass to Property Act. York writes this in the spirit of ensuring the success of a sanctioned event on campus.


York University