What are we bargaining for?

A silhouette of members carrying a banner and flags

A silhouette of people carrying a banner and flags

2017 is a bargaining year for CUPE 3903, the time we negotiate a new Collective Agreement with York University. Our current agreement expires on August 31, but remains in effect until we negotiate a new one.

Even in non-bargaining years, CUPE 3903 is in constant negotiations with York – to defend the Collective Agreements against violations by the employer and to protect the interests of our members, students and the wider York community. In short, we are always fighting to improve teaching and learning conditions at the university, and the quality of our students’ education.

The big difference in a bargaining year, however, is our ability to show our labour power. When we threaten a legal strike, we demonstrate to the Employer just how much work that our members do: over half of all the teaching at York, even though the cost of our contract is just eight per cent of the university’s total operating budget.

And when we demonstrate our strength, we make more gains at the bargaining table – and more improvements to the quality of education at York. Everyone benefits from bargaining, not just our own members.

Rank-and-file members develop bargaining proposals with help from staff, members of various union committees, and the Bargaining Team. The general membership discusses and votes on all our bargaining proposals at (Special) General Membership Meetings.

Information on the exact proposals will be shared as soon as they are determined and approved.