Procedure: OHRC-Based Extension Request

Ontario Human Rights Code-Based Extension for CUPE 3903 Graduate Student Members

This procedure is for the article 15.10 Ontario Human Rights Code-Based Extension options. If you are also eligible for a bargaining team or executive service extension (art. 16.09) we recommend that you contact the Union office before deciding which extension to apply for.

Extension Request Form

FGS approves these extensions so the FGS Academic Petition Form is used.

Supporting Documentation

In the case of disability, members need a letter from Student Accessibility Services (SAS) attesting to their disability, noting the need for more time (or similar) as a limitation. SAS needs to provide you with a letter specifically for a program extension request, not the generic ‘for course directors’ one SAS usually generates.

In the case of an illness/injury-based extension, you can use the FGS Attending Physician Statement is for medical documentation. You can also use this for disability-based petitions if, for some reason you are not registered with SAS.

There is no standard yet for documentation for other Code-based grounds. Feel free to contact the Union office to discuss documentation possibilities.

Personal Statement

You must include a brief personal statement that links the effects/limitations arising from the Code-based ground issue with the need for more time. You should also confidently state that an accommodation of more time will lead you to completion.

Timeline to Completion

You must map out a “timeline to completion”, detailing what you have done to date to complete your degree and, specifically, what you plan to accomplish each term for which you are asking to be extended.

Supervisor Support

You need an email or letter from your thesis advisor that attests to your program progress, and wholeheartedly supports your timeline to completion and extension request.

Submission to FGS

The GPD signs off on the petition and they submit the package to FGS.  FGS decisions are automatically copied to the CUPE3903 Equity Officer or other union representative.