Strike Pay

*NEW* How can I make sure I get paid correctly when I’m signing in?

A number of common pay problems have come up, so please keep the following in mind:

  • You must legibly write your FIRST & LAST NAME and SIGNATURE on the daily CUPE National strike duties sheet.
  • You must enter your employee number into the digital terminal during that shift or ensure that this is done somehow (another line’s terminal, captain or coordinator doing at HQ, submit a form, etc).
  • If you work a double shift, you must sign-in to the digital terminal for the two shifts separately and those two entries must be at least 3 hours apart.

*NEW* How do I get my Strike Paycheque? What days are cheques being delivered to the picket lines?

Starting the week of April 2nd, paycheques will now be delivered to pickets lines on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS. On other days, paycheques can be picked up from Strike Headquarters (45 Four Winds Dr, Unit Q-1). The recipient must sign for the cheque when they pick it up.

*NEW* What if I forgot or was unable to sign in to the terminal for any of my shifts?

If you were unable to sign in to the terminal, please complete the Strike Pay Problem Form and return this form to Strike Headquarters or submit by email: The deadline to have any missed terminal sign-ins problems from last week taken into account Friday’s pay cheque is Monday by noon.

*NEW* What if I did not record my shift on sign the paper sheet?

If you did not sign in/out at all using the Daily CUPE National Sign-In/Out Form, you will not be paid for this shift until this step is completed. You will need to complete a back-dated form for each shift with assistance from the appropriate people at Strike HQ and then have this form signed by the person who was Picket Captain during that shift.

*NEW* What if there’s a mistake in my Strike Pay?

If you believe there is an error in your Strike Pay, please complete the Strike Pay Problem Form and return this form to Strike Headquarters or submit this by email:

What is the daily process of signing in & out to ensure hours on the picket line are recorded?

Members on the picket line will have to sign-in through a two-part process. (1) Sign the CUPE National Form (FIRST & LAST NAME, SIGNATURE, SIGN-IN TIME, DUTY) and (2) Sign into the digital terminal (YORK EMPLOYEE NUMBER & last three digits of EMPLOYEE NUMBER as the ‘pwd’/confirmation). Once a member has completed their picket shift, they then have to sign out on the CUPE National Form (but NOT the digital terminal) by indicating the SIGN-OUT TIME. Note that members with alternative duties (also known as “8th Line” Duties) will be informed of how their hours will be recorded.

See the graphic below for a few quick ways to find your YORK EMPLOYEE NUMBER.

Note that most graduate students will not be able to access their HR Self-Serve (including online pay stubs) through their STUDENT YorkU Passport Log-In. In order to use HR Self-Serve, graduate students will have had to already create a separate EMPLOYEE YorkU Passport Log-In.

How to Sign-Up for Strike Pay (One-Time Process)

There are TWO forms to which a member must add their names in order to sign up for Strike Pay.

  1. CUPE National Form: requires PRINTED NAME and SIGNATURE
  2. CUPE 3903 Form: requires PRINTED NAME and a NON-YORKU.CA EMAIL

The National forms are available on Picket Lines and both forms are available in the Strike HQ (45 Four Winds Dr., Unit Q). A digital copy of the National form can be found here and the 3903 form here. You can print copies, fill them out and bring them to the Picket Lines (just make sure they are put in with other key pay forms) or the Strike HQ (45 Four Winds Dr., Unit Q).

If Alternative Duties (also known as “8th Line Duties”) are required to accommodate grounds covered by the Ontario Human Rights Code, please see the sign-up procedure on this page. Other requests for accommodations will go through Strike Committee.

Who is eligible to receive Strike Pay?

3903 Members who are on York’s payroll as of the start of the strike are eligible to receive strike pay. In other words, members who have contracts that started in September and end in April would be eligible for strike pay as would members who have contracts that started in January and end in April. If you do not have a Winter contract, but you had one in the Fall and can reasonably expect to get one in the Summer term, you are also eligible for strike pay.

How much is Strike Pay?

Members receive strike pay at a rate of $15 per hour, with a maximum of 20 hours per week of strike duties.

What is done to earn Strike Pay?

Once a member is properly signed up, they normally are expected to engage in strike duties for 20 hours per week (normally a four-hour shift, five days a week) in order to receive strike pay. For many members, strike duties will consist of picket line shifts. (Find your Department’s picket line here).

There are two daily picket shifts, Monday to Friday: (1) from 7:30 am to 11:30 am; and (2) from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. Members are normally expected to work one 4-hour shift each week day for the duration of a strike, for a total of 20 hours each week.

Members who have signed up for Alternative Duties (also known as “8th Line” duties) will be contacted about the specific duties required of them.

When will I receive Strike Pay?

Strike pay will be paid weekly, on Fridays, for the previous week’s picket duties (except for the first pay, which will be two weeks later). So, the first strike payday for duties from March 5-9 will be Friday, March 16 and every Friday thereafter (as applicable).