Strike to Win! CUPE 3903 Solidarity Rally

March 5, 2018 @ 11:30 am – 3:30 pm
Main Gate (Keele & York blvd)

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In a decisive vote, the membership of CUPE 3903 has decided to reject York’s “final offer” after 6 moths of negotiations. Effective Monday, March 5, CUPE 3903 will be on strike and disrupting “business as usual” on York’s campuses.

Despite CUPE 3903’s willingness to bargain, the York Administration has made it clear that they are not interested in improving the working conditions of its workers, or the learning conditions of its students. Instead, CUPE 3903 has received a hard “NO” on key issues such as:

  • guaranteed funding for Teaching Assistants
  • job security for Contract Faculty
  • restoring the 800 eliminated Graduate Assistant jobs
  • prioritizing equity, anti-racism, and anti-sexual violence on campus

JOIN US at 11:30 on March 5 at Main Gate picket line (York Blvd. and Keele St.) for a huge solidarity rally! We will have food, speeches from our allies across the city, a hot BBQ, and hundreds of members joining together in solidarity. Let’s show York how many of us are informed, angry, and ready to mobilize for a fair contract!

In the 3 years since our last round of negotiations, York has demonstrated a clear intent to lower the quality of education, confuse our students, and undermine the union. This stops now.

York is trying to tell us that times are tough, while hiding that they made $37 million in profits last year alone–a number that has been steadily increasing since 2013. York tells us we make enough money as it is, while ignoring the fact that TA wages after tuition are under the poverty line and contract faculty work is underpaid and often unpredictable. York claims to want to bargain and reach an agreement, but has pushed it’s workers to the point of resorting to a strike to fight for decent wages and working conditions. How far is York willing to go to deny the dignity and respect it’s workers deserve?

All CUPE 3903 members, friends, family, and allies are welcome! #StrikeToWin!