Setting Up an Employee Passport York and Central Email Account

An employee Passport York (PPY) is necessary for access to some class administrative sites or York’s employee only sites such as HR Selfserve. An employee PPY is different than the student account Units 1 and 3 members are usually assigned. Therefore, Units 1 and 3 members may have two accounts, an employee PPY and a student PPY while Units 2 and 4 members usually only have an employee PPY.

To set up an Employee Passport York you need:

  • Your 9 digit employee ID number
  • Last four digits of your Social Insurance Number

For CUPE 3903 members, especially members in Units 1 and 3, an employee number can be difficult to find. We have instructions to help you on our Finding Your YorkU Employee Number page.

Setting Up an Employee Passport York

The following instructions are modified for our members from “New Employee Instructions for Setting up Passport York and Central Email Account” by York University (Updated 08/11/2016).

  1. Go to Manage My Services and click the ‘Employee Sign Up’ link (do not click the ‘New Student Sign Up’ link).
  2. To continue with the sign up you must fill in two fields. One asks for your employee number, and the second asks for the last 4 digits of your S.I.N. followed by the last four letters of your last name. Once you have filled in these fields click the ‘Sign Up’ button.
    • If you do not know your employee number see our Finding Your YorkU Employee Number page for instructions.
    • There are “Surname rules” instructions on the page that should help you enter the SIN-last name field information correctly.
  3. On the next page you will be asked to enter a username. This name will be used for both your employee email address, and your Passport York account. Instructions for acceptable usernames are provided. Once you have entered a username click ‘Create Username’.
    • Usernames must be unique. If you have entered a username that is already in use a message will appear telling you such. You must replace the username you had selected with a new one, and click ‘Create Username’ again.
    • When your username choice is accepted, you will receive an attention screen prompting you to write down your username. Once you have done so click ‘Continue’.
  4. After setting up a username you will be prompted to change your password. Enter your current passport York password (last 4 digits of SIN, last 4 letters in last name). Use the Password Guidelines provided to select a new password, and click ‘Change Password’.
  5. You will then get a “Successful” page acknowledging that your password has been changed. Click ‘Continue’.
  6. You may then be prompted to set up security questions in case you lose your password. If you wish to set them up click ‘ok’ (you may not be given the option and may be forced to set up security questions).
    • Select security questions from each drop down menu, and type your answer in the space provided below each. All questions must be completed. Once finished, click ‘Set Questions’.
  7. You will be presented with a confirmation screen that confirms your security questions have been set.
  8. You have completed set up of your employee Passport York account and email account. Click ‘Logout’.

Setting Up an Employee/Central York Email Account

NOTE: These instructions may no longer be necessary. Most employees now automatically have Outlook 365 Accounts through York. Outlook accounts use your Employee Passport York username and password and do not require you to set up a separate password. Please see York’s Office 365 page for more details.

If your employee email account has not been set up for Outlook you can follow the following instructions to set your employee email password:

  1. Go to Manage My Services and enter the employee Passport York username and password you have previously set up (see instructions above).
  2. Under “Manage My Services” should be an ‘Activate Your Email Service’ link, click on this link.
  3. You must agree to the “Appropriate Use Policy for Electronic Mail Services” by clicking on ‘I Agree’ to continue.
  4. You will then be taken to an “Activate New Service” page where you can set a password for your employee email account by entering a new password and clicking ‘Submit’.  Guidelines for acceptable passwords are given on the page.
  5. Once your password has been submitted (and no error messages received) you now have a password for your central email account, and can log out of Manage My Services by clicking the Logout button (normally in the top right corner).

Some Faculties have Faculty-specific email accounts. Usually CUPE 3903 members are not given a Faculty-specific account but you may contact your hiring unit, department, or Faculty helpdesk for more information. The Faculties with Faculty-supported email accounts are:

  • Schulich Email – ends in
  • Osgoode Email – ends in
  • Glendon Email – ends in
  • Faculty of Education email – ends in