Job Stability Committee Sees Some Positive Movement; Still Some More Work to Do

Although the job stability program is not finalized, a lot of positive movement was made over the weekend of October 22 and 23. We believe it may yet be possible to achieve an agreement that significantly stabilizes work for Unit 2 while addressing inequity in meaningful ways.

The JSJC met during two full days this past weekend to finalize a job stability program that could be recommended to the membership. While we were not able to arrive at a finalized agreement, we believe that a lot of positive movement was made. The weekend was structured primarily as a working through of the details of a proposal drafted by mediator Christopher Albertyn. The following were the main discussion points:

  • We are moving towards the development of a job security program that would grant eligible members appointments of 2 or 3 FCEs per year over a period of five years, plus a set number of renewals. The goal is to give more members longer periods of predictable work than we have had with existing job security programs.
  • Details of eligibility are still under discussion, as is the process of how eligible members enter the program.
  • Close to being finalized is a stream of the program tailored to members who are low seniority and who are either racialized or belong to two or more employment equity groups.
  • Albertyn’s draft would also create a designated and permanent joint committee to receive and review data about the program, and make revisions to its functioning.

The following points remain in contention:

  • How APE should factor into the appointment process
  • The number of guaranteed FCEs per year for each of 5 years
  • Eligibility details (including whether type 2 FCEs would be counted towards eligibility)
  • How to measure and how to achieve equity
  • Professional development supports, including access to a study leave
  • End-of-career or retirement supports
  • The powers of the joint committee

While we had been counting on finishing the process this weekend, we feel we are so close to a deal and that the outstanding issues are so important that it is worthwhile to continue negotiations. We will continue exchanging language over the next couple of weeks, and there may be one final meeting in the next few weeks to finalize it. Because there are still a number of elements in flux, we are postponing the previously announced October 28 Unit 2 Town Hall.

We are planning for a complete ratification process, as we would conduct in bargaining – the membership will be able to vote for or against the final proposal.

Look out for more information about forthcoming Town Halls where you can learn more about the details of the program.