Humanities Department Passes Motion in Support of Autonomy on Mode of Course Delivery!

To date, this is the fourth successful motion passed in support of departmental autonomy over the mode of course delivery for all teaching instructors. This motion adds to the list of previous successful motions passed in the departments of Social Science, Politics, and  LA&PS Faculty Council.

Full Text of Motion:
The Department of Humanities affirms its right and obligation to determine the structure, format and mode of delivery of all courses housed in the unit so that those courses maintain their academic integrity in conformity with the requirements of the curriculum as approved by Senate and with established practices. The structure, format and delivery mode of courses shall be consistent with the pedagogic and academic judgements and principles of the faculty member employee.

To ensure that a course’s structure, format and delivery mode is consistent with its learning outcomes and maintains academic integrity, decisions on the course structure, format and delivery mode are the responsibility of members of a collegium who are teaching, have taught, have had input on, or have expertise in its contents, pedagogy, and learning outcomes.