York University’s Senior Administrators Outsource Accommodation Requests to Third Party, OSI

York University has outsourced our members’ accommodation requests to a third party, OSI, an unaccountable, privatized company. This malicious transaction implemented by York University’s senior administrators is yet another jaw-dropper.

If you have never heard of Organizing Solutions Incorporated (OSI), you would not be alone. Few had heard of them until they started denying, to our knowledge, every COVID-related family status accommodation by members of CUPE 3903.

Faculty and instructors seeking a COVID-related accommodation based on their family status are being directed to send requests to their manager/academic leader.

However, CUPE 3903 is not aware of a single request being granted. We strongly encourage all members not to talk to OSI without union representation present. 

Denying accommodations to faculty and instructors who live with family members who are immunocompromised and/or unable to get vaccinated, forces them to unnecessarily put their families at risk.

Instead of adequately preparing their Human Resource services to handle the vast number of requests, York University has hired OSI, a private management consultant company.

OSI specializes in denying employee disability accommodations. The CEO of OSI has stated that their mission is to “reduce employer costs and ensure that employees on disability successfully return to work, resulting in lower human and financial cost for [their] clients.”

Members are receiving unannounced phone calls from OSI in which they are badgered with invasive, accusatory questions. These questions are designed not only to deny every request but also to make the experience so unpleasant that members do not want to continue with the process or contest its outcome.

This is an unethical way to address requests for accommodations based on human rights. It also ignores members’ rights to have union representation in every meeting and communication regarding their accommodation.

We advise members not to respond to any communications with OSI related to an accommodation request without union representation. If you receive a phone call from OSI, email them at OSI4YorkU@orgsoln.com with a message expressing your desire to be accompanied by a union representative before you answer their questions. Please also cc the equity officer in this exchange.