Vote “Yes” in the Strike Mandate Vote! Friday, July 9th (5pm) – LAST DAY TODAY!!


Vote for a strong strike mandate! Why should you vote “yes” in the strike mandate vote? It’s because contract faculty need reliable and stable work, just as everyone else. However, the Employer has not engaged in meaningful discussion on job security programs in mediated bargaining with Chris Albertyn. While we have made significant movement on our part regarding committees, we want the Employer to retain the current 21 Long Service Teaching Appointments, many of which they are proposing to cut; we need a mandatory minimum guarantee for work for our Continuing Sessional Standing Program, and we want to see six conversions to full-time faculty.

CUPE 3903’s principles of job security state that we want security at all levels for the majority of our members. We need provisions that make work accessible for equity-seeking groups, and provisions for members to retire with dignity. We need steady, predictable and reliable work, a livable income and a manageable teaching intensity. Contract faculty are not a minority, and neither are we a second class of workers. CUPE 3903 does over 60% of the teaching: York works because we do!
See our progress on issues here.