Vote “Yes” in the Strike Mandate Vote! (July 5–9, 2021) – In Progress Now!

Why vote “yes” in the strike mandate vote? It’s because we want to see bold movement on our equity proposals, which provide pathways for hiring a diverse teaching staff. With 3903’s equity proposals, York now has the opportunity to rectify the historical marginalization of underrepresented groups. Underrepresentation doesn’t just happen by accident, it arises from systemic discrimination, from anti-Black racism and colonization. When we talk about equity measures, we’re talking about taking active measures against racism and colonization.

By the Employer’s repeated public denouncements of anti-Black racism and anti-Indigenous racism, by their public commitments to be on the side of change, to eliminate “discriminatory practices and systemic barriers to equal opportunity,” they have said that they will act. That time to act is now! Here is an opportunity. Do not look away from it. Do not say now that you cannot do it, that it is too much. To do so is to admit that those public statements were just empty PR.
More information on our equity proposals can be found here
Information on how to vote.