CUPE 3903 Files Unfair Labour Practice Against York University for Bad Faith Bargaining

On July 6, 2021, CUPE 3903 filed an Unfair Labour Practices (ULP) complaint in response to York University’s refusal to bargain and insistence that the union promise to send an offer that the bargaining team has not seen to ratification. The union’s opposition to this ultimatum has been expressed previously.

A ULP is a legal complaint that can be filed by either a union or an employer to allege breaches of the Labour Relations Act. In this case, the union alleges that “York has failed to bargain in good faith and make every reasonable effort to make a collective agreement” by withholding bargaining dates and presenting the union with a ‘poison pill’ proposal that is impossible to agree to, i.e. agreeing to send proposals to ratification without seeing them first. Read the ULP filing here.

CUPE 3903 calls on the York University administration to cease with these bad faith tactics and come back to the bargaining table ready to talk. A negotiated settlement is both possible and likely if the employer returns to the table in good faith.