All Members Who Held Contracts in the 2020-2021 Academic Year Are Eligible to Vote in the Strike Mandate Vote from July 5th–9th

Given the Employer’s increasingly aggressive tactics which threaten labour peace on campus, the Union is preparing for both a lockout scenario and a possible forced ratification vote, which would only be open to members with current contracts at the time of the vote. The Union received legal advice on a number of possible scenarios and during the process was able to clarify that in the case of a Strike Mandate Vote, all members who held contracts during the 2020-21 academic year would be eligible to vote, as has been past practice. Only a vote organized by the Union will capture the employment relationship held by precarious workers at York University and ensure the entirety of our membership has a voice in their future. Any vote imposed on the Union by the Employer and the Ministry of Labour would lack democratic legitimacy, as this would be an intentional ploy to frighten a small subset of our members, with threats of a looming lockout, to vote to change our Collective Agreement for the worse.