Want your own soapbox? CUPE 3903 has a video project for you!

As CUPE 3903 bargains a new collective agreement, we’re inviting you to share your experience teaching and studying at York. Have you been able to access good teaching and research supports in your department and program of study? Tell us how you’ve managed your academic life this past year surviving the global pandemic. Has the union helped you cope with your financial burdens through its funding programs? Where would you like to see changes and improvements occur? Tell us what’s bubbling up inside and let your voice be heard!

We want to hear what 3903 members have to say, and we’re inviting you to submit a short video essay to showcase on our website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter & YouTube). You can make it yourself or collaborate with colleagues. Let us know:

i) Why you became an academic and MA/PhD Student
ii) Your account of work and research conditions at York (expectations met and not met)
iii) Any interactions or experiences with the union or its services and supports
iv) What you want to see in the near future

Length: 1–2 min.
Deadline: May 17, 2021
For more information and to submit your video contact: cupe3903comms@gmail.com