Callout – Organizing4Power Training in May/June with Jane McAlevey

Organizing4Power is holding its fourth training event. This training is FREE. It is hosted by Jane McAlevey, a very experienced union organizer from the US and these online training workshops are run by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. Previous training sessions have hosted over 40 countries and tens of thousands of union and community organizers throughout the world who are trying to learn how to build the power they need to win against bosses, landlords, governments etc. The training starts May 18th and consists of a single two (2) hour long training once a week (every Tuesday) for six (6) weeks (May 18th to June 22nd). Here you will learn the basic foundations of Jane McAlevey’s organizing approach. Her approach is important because it relies on rank and file union members organizing together to build a strong high participation union via a bottom-up driven organizing structure. Members are strongly encouraged to attend if they can. The Group Registration Deadline is May 3rd.

Here’s what members will need to know for registration:

Here’s the link to a short video description and callout for the Organzing4Power training

1) Members all need to register individually via this link

2) Details about the full schedule (dates/times) are in the registration from (see above link). Members need to decide what time they want to sign up for (Track A or Track B).

3) Our group name is: CUPE 3903 (but the group will include members and community activists from CUPE 4600 and OCADFA).

4) Chris Bailey is the group coordinator for Group: CUPE 3903

5) After you formally register with Organizing4Power via the registration form, please send Chris Bailey an email via your non-workplace email address to confirm your registration and he will add your name and email to a CUPE 3903 group organizing list for callouts and other information during the training).
6) Please feel free to invite anyone from your circles to do this training together (try to find at least two other people to join you). It focuses on union contexts, but the skills are transferable to many different types of struggles including tenants’ rights and other community groups.
7) Please email Chris Bailey if you have any more questions.