Anti-Black Racism Framework – Invitation to Meeting

On September 24th the Executive Committee had sent a letter to President Lenton to welcome her proposed initiatives to hire Black faculty, as outlined in her June 12th and August 31st statements. Although we appreciated these initiatives, we were dismayed to find out that racialized CUPE 3903 contract faculty had been left out of these plans. In our letter we therefore inquired what plans the employer had to ensure equitable hiring practices for our Black contract faculty members.

In response, we have now received a letter from Dr. Sheila Cote-Meek (VP Equity, People and Culture) that she, along with President Lenton, Dr. Carl James (Senior Advisor on Equity and Representation), and Dr. Andrea Davis (Special Advisor on LA&PS Anti-Black Racism Strategy), are inviting CUPE 3903 Contract Faculty members who identify as Black to a Zoom meeting on Thursday, November 19th from 11:15am–12:15pm. The purpose of this meeting is to seek input on the draft Anti-Black Racism Framework.

If you are a 3903 Black Contract Faculty member who wishes to attend this meeting in order to join in on this conversation, please send an email to Alicia Pinter ( A draft copy of the Anti-Black Racism Framework will be shared in advance of the meeting for review and consideration.