Greetings from TFAC Co-Chairs!

With a new school year comes new challenges, especially with the covid situation. Many of us are struggling with new classes, jobs suddenly gone, getting Yorked, learning how to teach online without any training, and all the unpaid labour we’re doing to stay alive and keep our households safe.

TFAC stands for Trans Feminist Action Caucus. We have a long history of activism to try and make changes in the union to address traditional and oppositional sexism, cissexism, transmisogyny, ableism, racism, and other forms of oppression that we’ve had to deal with.

We’re a member-driven group. Our agenda is largely based on the needs of those who attend. With a new set of coordinators this year, we have different agendas from previous years. We want a space where we can talk about the issues we’re facing at York and work to address them.

As things are right now, we are working on addressing pronouns and names on eClass. We’re working with folks to address racism on campus and holding the university accountable. This is the work we inherited from the past TFAC Co-chairs. Whatever else we do, we do as a collective.

In order to join the TFAC List Serv, email us at

We hold monthly meetings over zoom which are advertised on the list serv and on the CUPE list serv.

We would like to encourage our TFAC membership to attend our meeting in the various ways that you may be interacting with the online interface.

You are invited to attend and engage with whatever medium feels most comfortable, including voice, video or chat. We also understand that many members will be taking care of loved ones (human and non-human) and there may be interruptions to your participation.

All members are encouraged to include your pronouns to your name in our meetings.
We hope to see you there.

Bridget (they/them) & Navi (she/he/they) – TFAC Co-Chairs