Additional Executive & Bargaining Team Nominations

On June 11th at 12 pm, nominations will re-open for 2020-21 Exec and BT positions that are not already acclaimed/contested.

The online NOMINATION FORM is available HERE; the form will close at the end of the nomination period (June 25th, 12 pm).

The open positions are: Grievance Officer, VP Unit 3, and U3 members of the Bargaining Team (2 of 3).

Elections for all positions will start at the AGM, now rescheduled for July 9th at 1 pm. 

The original call for Executive and Bargaining Team nominations closed on March 2nd. Many positions were acclaimed and elections for the contested positions were to start at the AGM scheduled for March 16th. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 the AGM had to be postponed. The AGM has now been rescheduled, and there is enough time to re-open positions which were unfilled and positions where acclaimed candidates can no longer fulfil the role.

Additional Details:

  • The traditional register and nomination form have been combined into a single electronic election nomination form, thus it is the only thing a nominee will need to fill out. A nominee will need to know the names and email address of two supporters, who need to be members in good standing. Upon submitting the nomination form, the supporters will be automatically contacted to endorse the nomination via a pre-populated supporter form (this form will disable at the close of the nomination period as well).
  • The nomination period will open at noon on Jun 11th and will close two weeks later on June 25th at 12 pm.  The form will automatically disable at the close of the nomination period.
  • Information concerning the campaigning period and electronic voting will be forthcoming.
  • Positions that have been re-opened include: Grievance Officer, VP Unit 3, and U3 members of the BT (2 of 3)
  • Should members have any issues with the form, they should contact the EOs at, as elections for Exec members and BT members are not handled by the Executive or Staff.