PER (Unit 2) Purchases During Campus Shut-Down

Unit 2 members with PER funds can no longer use on-campus retailers such as Data Integrity. York has sent us the following message about incurring professional expenses:

Faculty and staff continue to be encouraged to use of vendors of record (VOR) through University procurement methods such as Smartbuy (with home delivery, if required).  Where VORs are unable to meet the needs of the community (either in terms of equipment needs, delivery method, or delivery timeline), community members may purchase from non-vendors of record.  The Pcard is the preferred method of payment, however, if the community member does not have a Pcard, they can pay for it personally and submit a claim for reimbursement.  Claims where purchases exceed $1500 will not be sent back, however community members must ensure they follow the procurement rules as it relates to cumulative purchases with a single vendor, including the use of VORS  (i.e. for purchases up to  $10,000).

Instructions for making Smartbuy purchases while working remotely.