Work Beyond April 30th Contract End Date – UPDATED

Updated March 16th

On March 15th, York sent an email to Unit 1 and 2 members announcing that they may have to continue their course work beyond April 30th. We consulted legal counsel, and notified York of our objection to extending contracts without compensation. We are pleased to see York’s response addresses our concern.

We notified York that Articles 12.09 (Unit 1) and 12.21 (Unit 2) would apply in a situation like this, which means that all work beyond April 30 must be compensated. York has now responded. The response from Dan Bradshaw (Assistant Vice-President, Labour Relations) is below.

I can confirm that Teaching Assistant contracts and Contract Faculty contracts scheduled to conclude April 30 will be fully paid out according to the regular monthly pay schedule for these contracts (March 25, April 25).

On the matter you raise below, If required, any work past the end date of a contract will be compensated in accordance with Articles 12.09 (Unit 1) and 12.21 (Unit 2) and this information will be communicated as appropriate.

Members should track all of their hours, and especially keep track of all hours worked after April 30, 2020. The Union will, if necessary, file grievances on behalf of its members.