Exec and Bargaining Team Candidates and Acclamations

Thank you to all members who put nominated themselves for an Exec or BT position. The nomination period has now ended. At the AGM (March 16th) Communications Officer, and the Unit 2 Bargaining Team positions will open for election. Most other positions were acclaimed. Please continue reading for details.

An election will be held for the following positions starting at the March 16th AGM:

Communications Officer: Fiorza Elavia and Assya Moustaqim-Barrette 

Bargaining Team Unit 2: Michael Fraschetti, Zoe Newman, Kyle Belozerov, Christopher Luszczek, Julian Arend 

There will also be a motion made at the AGM to acclaim candidates to the following position

Chairperson: Maija Duncan 

Recording Secretary: Emilie Hurst 

Treasurer: Michael Laurentius 

Vice President Unit 1: Stacey Berquist 

Vice President Unit 2: Vanessa Lehan 

Vice President Unit 3: Mariful Alam 

Chief Steward Unit 1: Alie Hermanutz 

Chief Steward Unit 2: Tanya Da Sylva 

Chief Steward Unit 3: Jessica Ireland 

Chief Steward Unit 4: Stephanie Power 

Grievance Officer: Alison Fisher 

Bargaining Team Unit 1: Gizem Cakmak, Niloofar Golkar, Susannah Mulvale 

Bargaining Team Unit 3: Tai Vo 

Recording Secretary – BT: Sarah Westerhof