Important Blanket Application Information for Unit 1

Unit 1 members must use their student Passport York (PPY) log-in to access the correct Unit 1 Blanket Application. If Unit 1 members log-in with their employee PPY they will be taken to the Unit 2 application. This mistake in the application system occurred in 2019 as well, at the time Faculty Relations told us they would look into addressing it. We are disappointed to see that even with a year to work on the issue York continues to make applying for positions more difficult for our Unit 1 members than is necessary.

Unit 1 members, upon logging in with their student PPY, should see a blanket application screen with a header saying “CUPE 3903 Unit 1 – Online Application” at the top. If instead you have logged in with your employee PPY you will see the top of the page says “yu link” and there is a header with “CUPE 2 Online Application”. If you find yourself on the CUPE 2 Online Application please log out of Passport York and log back in using your student PPY.