Congratulations to Members Hired To SRCs!

As part of our arbitrated settlement York must appoint 18 Unit 2 members to Special Renewable Contracts by July 1, 2020. While, the number of SRCs was awarded through arbitration, the hiring process is a part of YUFA’s collective agreement. The first round of appointments have been completed, with 10 SRCs commencing January 1st, 2020. We have inquired about the remaining 8 positions and are awaiting a response from York.

Congratulations to all of the new YUFA members!

The newly appointed SRC holders are:

Hilary Davis, Philosophy, LAPS
Nadia Habib, GSWS, LAPS
Gurbir Jolly, HUMA, LAPS
Art Noordeh, Economics, LAPS
Patrick Phillips, Philosophy, LAPS
Karen Ruddy, Writing/HUMA, LAPS
Michael Cado, Music, AMPD
Heather Jenkin, Psychology, Health
Igor Poliakov, Math, Science
Gaelle Vercollier, French Studies, Glendon