235 Gosford Blvd. Community Response – Updates

We’ll be keeping this post up throughout the Winter break to post updates and call outs for support as we receive them.

On November 15th a fire devastated a neighbourhood apartment building, displacing hundreds of residents. It now looks like it may be several months or longer until the tenants can return. Many members have asked how they can support the residents of 235 Gosford Blvd. Keep reading for more information on how to help.

Immediately after the fire various local agencies and networks in Jane and Finch started working with residents to support the displaced tenants. On December 17th this coalition of community organizations will be hosting a meal for displaced residents which will also have a legal clinic and social and emotional supports present with whom residents can connect.

Please donate to support this community effort on the 17th, and future organizing and support of residents. Jane Finch Community Ministry is acting on behalf of this coalition as Trustee and cheques can be made out in trust to the Jane Finch Community Ministry and sent to the address belowYou can also donate online with “Gosford Fire” Special Fund at https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/jane-finch-community-ministry/

See the Gosford Fire Support Donation Request Letter for more information.

The coalition of community organizations include (and the request for donations is signed off by):

Black Creek Community Collaborative, Black Creek Community Farm, Firgrove Learning and Innovation Community Centre, Jane Finch Action Against poverty, Jane and Finch Boys and Girls Club, Jane Finch Centre, Jane Finch Community Legal Services, Jane Finch Community Ministry, Jane Finch Concerned Citizens, Jane Finch Housing Coalition, Success Beyond Limits (SBL), Toronto Community Benefits Network and YUFA Community Projects

Jane Finch Community Ministry:
270 Firgrove Cr., Toronto, Ontario
Mailing Address: PO Box 21100 Jane Finch Mall, Downsview, Ontario, M3N 3A3
Phone: (416) 747-5616