Stewards’ Council Meeting – December 6th

The next Stewards Council meeting has been scheduled for Friday, December 6th at 1pm in the Harry Crowe Room (109 Atkinson College). Departmental Stewards are expected to attend, or send a representative from their department. All members are welcome to attend Stewards Council. Light lunch and tokens will be provided to attendees. The draft agenda for the meeting is below as are highlights from the last SC meeting on October 30th.

We will having departmental report backs from stewards as well as reviewing the recent Stewards Training sessions.  We will also be discussing the possibility of organizing a union social for January. Members who attended the recent CUPE 3903 co-sponsored trainings facilitated by U.S. union organizer Jane McAlevey, will also be invited to report and make recommendations of what material may be of value to our organizing efforts in CUPE 3903.

If you are a Steward and cannot make this meeting, please ensure that a representative from your department is available to attend on your behalf.  We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

October 30th, Stewards Council Meeting Highlights

  1. Two stewards training sessions will be provided: Wednesday, November 27th from 4pm to 7pm and Friday, November 29th from 1pm-4pm
  2. All attendees will receive a $45 Honoraria. If a steward cannot attend, they can send someone else on their behalf.
  3. The SC budget was amended to allow for this. The content will include getting familiar with what a union is, understanding a college agreement, and how it guides labour practices, what are the roles and expectations of stewards, how the grievance process works, among other topics.
  4. Stewards should check with their departmental colleagues to see if their G.I.A was deposited. If not, contact one of the chief stewards or CUPE 3903 staff representatives as soon as possible.
  5. A new bargaining team will be elected in the new year. All good standing CUPE 3903 members can run for elections in their respective units. There are 10 positions: 3 representatives per each unit and a recording sectary.
  6. A donation of $150 towards the Workers Bowl-a-Thon was approved in support of the OEERC Education and Leadership Fund for Workers in Precarious Employment, and a minor revision was made in order to provide the Janey McCelvey Workshop up to $250’s in donations.


Stewards’ Council Meeting Agenda (December 6, 2019, 1pm-2:30p.m.)

  1. Introductions
  2. Reading of Equality Statement and Land Acknowledgement
  3. Co-Chair Assignments
  4. Approval of Agenda
  5. Approval of SC Minutes from October 30th meeting
  6. Stewards Learning Activity
  7. Departmental and Other Reportbacks
  8. Departmental Stewards
  9. CUPE 3903 Stewards Training Review
  10. CSU1: UHIP funding for members and dependents
  11. Labour Management Committee: FGS promise not to clawback first year Master’s and Doctoral student scholarships
  12. Jane McAlevey Training in November
  13. SC Budget amendments to organize union social 
  14. Union social organizing: discussion
  15. CUPE Stewards Survey for member outreach
  16. Bargaining 2020 Strategy Discussion
    1. Bargaining Preparation Committee
  17. Motions (if any)
  18. Actions
  19. Other Business
  20. Next Meeting