Lee Wiggins Childcare Centre Accepting Enrolments for Fall-Winter 2019-20

The Lee Wiggins Childcare Centre is still accepting enrolments for the fall-winter 2019-20 academic terms. The Centre offers a 35% subsidy for all CUPE 3903 members whose children use the Centre. We won this subsidy, and have continued to improve it through numerous rounds of bargaining.

Lee Wiggins is the only childcare centre on campus that offers part-time care. They also allow parents/caregivers to book on a semester to semester basis. This is often ideal for our members because it allows you to better customize childcare for your schedule, saving you money.

Please note that Lee Wiggins Childcare Centre can also provide occasional care for CUPE members who need childcare in order to attend on-campus meetings, appointments, etc. that do not fit in with their regular childcare routines, as well as for PA days and March break for school children under the age of 6. CUPE 3903 fully subsidizes childcare expenses incurred for members to attend all Union-related meetings, and Lee Wiggins Childcare Centre is happy to accommodate such occasional needs for members.

Call (416) 736-5959 to talk to staff or book a visit online at yorkuchildcare.ca