Unit 1, Do You Have the Right of First Refusal? Is Your Contract Late?

Some Unit 1 members with right of first refusal have yet to receive a contract/job offer for the Fall 2019 and/or Fall/Winter 2019-20 term(s), while in previous years, they would already be aware of their employment for the coming academic year. Upon contacting the department in which they have the right of first refusal, they were informed that (1) they did not submit a blanket application or (2) they submitted a Unit 2 blanket application via ARMS (online). Our members believe this is an issue with the ARMS hiring system and we are recommending members check the status of their blanket applications.

We are unsure of how widespread this issue with ARMS is, but the Union recommends that you contact the department(s) to which you submitted blanket applications. Ask them to double-check that a blanket application was received. Should you encounter any issues, please contact your Chief Steward at cupe3903csu1@gmail.com