Conversions and Long Service Teaching Appointments for 2019-2020

CUPE 3903 would like to warmly congratulate the following members for their success in the 2019-2020 conversions and Long Service Teaching Appointment exercises:


  • Marc Audette (Glendon Multidisciplinary Studies, teaching stream conversion)
  • Sirvan Karimi, (LA&PS, School of Public Policy and Administration, professorial stream conversion)

Long Service Teaching Appointments

  • Allan Greenbaum, Social  Science, LAPS
  • Janice Hill, Equity Studies, LAPS
  • Gurbir Jolly, Humanities, LAPS
  • Danny O’Rourke-DiCarlo, SPPA, LAPS
  • Karl Schmid, Anthropology, LAPS
  • Lori Turner, Writing, LAPS

Both sets of the appointments above meet the employment equity hiring requirements as specified in the Unit 2 Collective Agreement. The employer has only appointed six of the seven LSTAs required by the Collective Agreement, and we are following up with the Faculty Relations Office about this issue.