Trans Fund Committee Election

TFAC is looking to elect 3 members for the Trans Fund Adjudication Committee Members 2019-2020 at the May 21st TFAC Meeting. Individuals wishing to self-nominate must be trans* identified and should contact our elections officer DP via email

Funds support members in their every day life necessities as well as for surgeries. The fund deadlines are: May 31, September 31, January 31. The Committee will be responsible for reviewing each claim within two weeks of its submission, with the possibility of reviewing emergency claims as well.

This position provides a $500 honoraria for the year.

*We employ a broad definition of “trans”, including people who self-identify as Two Spirit, trans, transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, non-binary, gender variant, MTF, FTM, transwoman, transman, gender dysphoric and/or bi-gendered, de-gendered. This list is not exhaustive , nor should it imply that these groups necessarily embrace “trans*” terminology